This is Sullivan’s Island, connected by a bridge to the historic town of Charleston. We have a quick walk to the ocean everyday and can see the water from the house. This first picture is a panoramic view outside the upstairs porch; the second shot was taken there as well.

This is the house we are staying in; it’s our first year in the house as we’ve stayed in the same house for countless years. But this year was a new adventure! With more bedrooms than the last, there was thankfully no need for air mattresses to house fourteen people.

OK. I realize that these are garbage bins. But somehow even though they were out on the sand, lining the path to the beach, they didn’t detract from it at all. Their varying shades of green and blue actually really added to the sight. Or maybe I’m just weird.

A simple sand pathway to the beach, lined with a variety of wild yet stunning plants.

And finally the beach. The gorgeous blue water reflecting the gorgeous blue sky and of course a classic lighthouse.

... we’ve also been extensively parkour-ing. hardcore, extreme parkour.

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