Fera Verto

I had the hardest time naming my shop on etsy. First of all, every single name worth using is already taken, which makes life difficult. An obvious direction would be Harry Potter, as everything I've made is still thus related. So I brainstormed cool names from the series, spells, etc. and decided that morsmordre would just be absolutely perfect and I could even paint a psychedelic dark mark for the banner. nope. taken. of course. So i went on the Harry Potter wiki and typed every single spell into etsy and made a [very short] list of the ones that were not yet taken. It came down to muffliato and fera verto.  In the end, I went with the latter, half because I had a badass idea for the banner, and half because Dame Maggie Smith sounds so awesome saying it in COS. For fear of it never happening, I started my banner right then and there and voila! It makes me really really happy. Check back for a link to the shop and getchoself some novelty hp stationary. wahoo.

Made using Arches Watercolor paper and Blick [magical] liquid watercolor paints that will literally transfigure hideous blank paper into charming psychedelic goblets. 

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