today is a very special day. It is the 16th birthday of one of my best friends, with whom in common, I share my first name.....and about nothing else but a black spandex pair of pants. But I love her. So, in order to keep the wilting integrity of this fashion blog, I will share with you my absolute favorite article of clothing, the same piece of clothing that I know my other half quite likes as well. 
all hail high-waisted spandex riding pants.... and cool shadows.

sweater: Anne Taylor
pants: American Apparel
necklace: Nordstrom


is it bad that I sincerely believe that these make my life a little bit better?

boots: Troopa from Steve Madden


Three, yes three

Today I bought three pairs of socks, as is evident by this absurd picture. They remind me of when I was six and wore socks that looked exactly like these only they were white on white and seven times smaller. You can wear them with combat boots or heels--yes, i wear socks with heels--but only really cute socks, never practical socks. I am simply not a practical person.

Socks: American Apparel


so, my obsession with high-waisted pants has been building for the past few months, starting with a pair of spandex ribbed riding pants from American Apparel that I literally wear every day. But it's been hard finding a pair that I love as much. Upon browsing their website I found these


and I absolutely adored them...until I put them on. As my friend Maddie kindly put it, I looked "like a grandma"...
but what to do! All the other pants found at American Apparel are made out of a gloriously...eh.... interesting shiny-sparkly material....um no.
so, for now at least, the hunt continues.