Drawn by yours truly

It's amazing what chemistry class can produce, eh?

From the desk of N.J.P.


TWENTY SIX DAYS until the Harry Potter premiere! 

I am oozing with excitement. In honor of the fantastic books and movies, I've decided to made a series of posts featuring outfits or tributes of sorts dedicated to various characters. To kick it off I've started with Bellatrix, of course. I went for a dark dress, dark makeup and black heels. The dress is actually dark blue on the top and mid thigh it cuts off to black mesh (as seen in the last two pictures). Even though I took the pictures outside I still wanted it to seem kind of dark, so I changed the settings accordingly. Although Bellatrix might not smile, I couldn't resist doing it in one of the photos. This was a lot of fun so please comment with character requests or any opinions on the post!



Crazy blurry but I could care less.

Song: Killer Queen by Queen. Because my sister is a treasure.


Now that I've posted most of the pictures taken on my nice camera, here comes the flood of polaroids. Many are blurry, all are tiny and some just didn't develop the way I had hoped. I still love all of them. 

Julia took these two. In the first, I was putting a string up on the wall on which to hang my pictures. and she was intrigued by the creepy vibe that such an innocently decorated room could give off. Both rooms have perfectly pleasant childish comforters, matching the blue and pink walls and yet... they can be so creepy. Especially the windows. Not only does the flash make  nice bullet holes in the windows, it also makes weird greenish shapes appear...



This is Sullivan’s Island, connected by a bridge to the historic town of Charleston. We have a quick walk to the ocean everyday and can see the water from the house. This first picture is a panoramic view outside the upstairs porch; the second shot was taken there as well.

This is the house we are staying in; it’s our first year in the house as we’ve stayed in the same house for countless years. But this year was a new adventure! With more bedrooms than the last, there was thankfully no need for air mattresses to house fourteen people.

OK. I realize that these are garbage bins. But somehow even though they were out on the sand, lining the path to the beach, they didn’t detract from it at all. Their varying shades of green and blue actually really added to the sight. Or maybe I’m just weird.

A simple sand pathway to the beach, lined with a variety of wild yet stunning plants.

And finally the beach. The gorgeous blue water reflecting the gorgeous blue sky and of course a classic lighthouse.

... we’ve also been extensively parkour-ing. hardcore, extreme parkour.

Yellow is the reason I am here.

"Yellow wakes me up in the morning. Yellow gets me on the bike every day. Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice. Yellow makes me suffer. Yellow  is the reason I’m here.”
-Lance Armstrong

My friend sent me this quote yesterday and it really struck me. Yellow happens to be my favorite color (as well as hers) and it truly shows how a color can be more than a trivial ornament. I am currently in South Carolina and have taken a plethora of pictures during my stay here. I was finally able to put them onto a computer today. Upon going through them, I noticed two things, a. that i would not be able to fit them into a single post, and b. that a significant number of them featured yellow objects. So I’ve dedicated this post to the yellow facets of my family and the beautiful South Carolina.


I am not superstitious. I am a little stitious.

Julia and I decided to do a silly post today. She's been wanting to be on it for a while and we finally found the time to take some pictures together. I decided to venture outside as my gray background is boring me to insanity. Also, what is with my obsession with orange shoes? hmm? I go to south carolina on friday; if I'm lucky, I'll get some good photos to upload during the trip, otherwise, see you in a week! 


Fera Verto

I had the hardest time naming my shop on etsy. First of all, every single name worth using is already taken, which makes life difficult. An obvious direction would be Harry Potter, as everything I've made is still thus related. So I brainstormed cool names from the series, spells, etc. and decided that morsmordre would just be absolutely perfect and I could even paint a psychedelic dark mark for the banner. nope. taken. of course. So i went on the Harry Potter wiki and typed every single spell into etsy and made a [very short] list of the ones that were not yet taken. It came down to muffliato and fera verto.  In the end, I went with the latter, half because I had a badass idea for the banner, and half because Dame Maggie Smith sounds so awesome saying it in COS. For fear of it never happening, I started my banner right then and there and voila! It makes me really really happy. Check back for a link to the shop and getchoself some novelty hp stationary. wahoo.

Made using Arches Watercolor paper and Blick [magical] liquid watercolor paints that will literally transfigure hideous blank paper into charming psychedelic goblets. 


Sparkle and Fade

So i bought this bowling shirt today but I couldn't find the patent leather skirt I wanted to wear it with. I ended up layering it over this sequin dress and I actually really like the look. Then my sister, Camille awkwardly interrupted my photo session so we took some crazy pics just for kicks (rhyme). I then spontaneously went to a yoga class with a friend. hmm. Good day.

Blouse: Gap
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Urban


I've taken up a new project to fill my summer days. I ordered a bunch of watercolor paints and some nice Arches paper and started painting watercolor stationary. Naturally it's all been Harry Potter related. Eventually i hope to sell it on Etsy. Tell me what you think!