Land Camera Automatic 104

Here's my new (but 50 year old) camera! It is a 1965 Polaroid Land Camera. It takes rectangular peel-away film that you have to time each time you take a picture. If you estimate incorrectly (the timing is based on temperature) you end up with under or over exposed shots. 

It came with this lovely polaroid briefcase-like holder, along with a little manual stopwatch to time the exposures, a self-timer, a blue flash with a bunch of old flash bulbs and several layers of dust.

I had to convert the battery compartment to accommodate AAA batteries as 3volt batteries are way too expensive and are really really old. So after watching a few youtube videos and discovering the use of electrical tape, I have a functioning camera!

DAY 1: I discover indoor pictures don't really work without a flash (I couldn't work it at this point).
I wasted a full 10-pack of film before getting these two pictures. 
I learned the consequences of not peeling off the picture soon enough with the second picture. I still like that I can control that though, I even like the way this one looks

DAY 2: I discover that the flash requires batteries to work! In an excited fury, I bombard Julia's bedroom and insist on taking a picture of her. If you didn't know, I LOVE WASHED OUT PICTURES so, so much. Naturally, this picture excited me; what didn't was discovering that you have to replace the flash bulb after every picture. I probably wouldn't have used the precious bulb so carelessly had I known. Having no interest in compiling a collection of vintage flash bulbs, I'm working on getting an electric flash.

DAY 2: I try natural lighting (but still late afternoon which was a really dumb idea). The pictures still end up dark but a lot more in focus (did I mention you have to manually focus this thing by estimating your distance from the subject and the size of its head?). 

This picture of Isabella is my favorite of these so far. It takes a little effort from the viewer; you have to really look at it to see her face.

I have a few more that either look awful or flat out didn't work. But I think these show you pretty well how the process is coming along. I'll update with more experimentation soon!

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