I am officially saving up my money to buy this Digby & Iona ring. My sister thinks its weird and creepy but I love the design; it reminds me of eighteenth century illustrations. 

I mean, seriously, this is an anatomical drawing of lungs and it is beautiful. Only in 1754 could you have a medical encyclopedia as beautiful as this.

Anyway, back to the ring. The inscription reads "E Cosi Desio Me Mena ," meaning "And so desire carries me along," from Petrarch's The Canzoniere. Isn't that enticing? You can take the obvious (slightly pessimistic) route that people are led by their selfish desires, but desires can be anything that carries you along. It's a lovely reminder of why you fight out in the world everyday.
...Unfortunately, I'm not too keen on estimating my size and ordering a most likely non-returnable ring from New York.

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