A belated attempt at wishing a delightful lady a supermegafoxyawesomehot birthday

This post is in fact a day late. It is lovingly dedicated to my equestrian star, my should-be j-crew model, my studio art devotee, my architect-in-training. In a fuming rage, my brother disconnected the computer and scanner, requiring "system reorientation" as it were, on the most inconvenient day, July 5th. In my furious attempt to reach out on birthdays in obscure ways, this really screwed me up. But I'm posting this anyway; she probably won't read it until later anyway, she's too busy being a horseback riding badass. :)
To my lovely friend on this day after her special day, I would like to dedicate a poem. For use of profanities, I cannot post the entire piece here. It is a lovely work featured in 500 Days of Summer.
You know the one.
Roses are red
Violets are blue....

I love you my dear.

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