I adore rings.
I used to wear them all the time but somehow stopped. A few days ago I found a glass box with about thirty of my rings in it. I've been so excited about them that I've been wearing far more rings on each finger than is socially acceptable. I love wearing these two together because the colors compliment each other so well. The turquoise ring is from New Mexico (surprise!) and the other is from Banana Republic.
This ring is amazing! I have no idea what it's made out of but it is so cool. My mother gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago with a matching bracelet which I lost, naturally.
I bought this from a street vendor in New York. Underneath the glass is a cameo set on a mirror. It's missing most of the stones around the edge, but I don't care; I still think its awesome.
For having been ten, I bought a lot of rings at Banana Republic. I have to wear this one on my pinky because it's so tiny; if I dare wear it with anything else, I look like a pimp. But alone, it is gorgeous.
Out of all the pretty rings I own, this is one of the ones I wear the most. Because of its size, I have to wear in on my ring finger on my left hand, so I get "oh, is that a purity ring?" a lot.
No.... no it is not...
Banana Republic. Paris street vendor. Target. Jewelry shop in Madison.
My friend bought this for me from Forever 21 for my birthday last year. I normally don't like crystals for fear of looking gaudy. Yet, somehow, this is a fantastic accessory to a boring outfit and always looks amazing.
I do like cameos, don't I?

My grandmother gave this to me. love.
And of course, I have some insane rings that I haven't worn since seventh grade. The one on the far right is, in fact, a snow globe
And here is a picture of pomegranate seeds. Because they're delicious and oh so photogenic.

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